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Patient care…mobilized.


Healthy-TXT™ provides physician-designed mobile health programs to improve health outcomes. Targeted health messages on treatment regimens, post and chronic care, healthy lifestyle, and prevention are delivered via text messaging, mobile voice app, email, video, or website.

Challenges & Facts
  • Physicians are required to see more patients in less time
  • Physicians are now expected to educate patients on prevention
  • Physician and hospital reimbursement will be tied to patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Hospitals need to reduce readmissions or face financial penalties
  • Companies need to reduce soaring healthcare costs
  • Most patients don’t remember what their physician tells them
  • Patients feel disconnected with their healthcare providers
  • Patients are on information overload after a diagnosis or procedure
  • Despite national awareness campaigns on issues such as obesity, messages are not reaching people in a personal way
  • Every member of society needs to participate in caring for each another and inspiring healthy living not only to decrease healthcare costs, but to increase productivity, innovation, and improve quality of life
  • What matters most is health and wellbeing
To improve health with relevant communications from trusted sources – delivered where people are today, on their mobile devices.

Whether it’s reducing hospital readmissions, improving patient outcomes, saving physicians’ time, educating patients, preventing injuries, or inspiring healthy communities, our automated and tailored mobile health solutions result in healthy outcomes.

Education, engagement, and behavioral change are critical. But lack of time, resources, and personal motivation is challenging in today’s society.

And while it seems everyone is communicating, few truly feel connected. Numerous studies show that feeling connected improves health and quality of life.

In our complex healthcare ecosystem, sometimes simplicity is the solution. While the development of mobile apps is on the rise to help patients manage their health, there is something very personal and actionable about a text message received from the most trusted voice in healthcare – physicians and healthcare providers.

What makes Healthy-TXT™ uniquely suited for patient care?

Our automated mobile technology platform is based on selected health criteria, including our patent pending “Circles Program.” The Circles Program expands each patient’s care circle by including friends, family, and caregivers in the Healthy-TXT™ messaging loop…which reinforces and optimizes patient care.

More than a text message service, we develop and create HIPAA compliant health programs for post, chronic, and preventive care, as well as health and wellness advocacy campaigns.

Our mantra – patient care mobilized – is the synergy of healthcare providers, patient advocates, marketing, technology, and behavioral experts. Our physician-designed programs, mobile technology platform, turnkey and customizable solutions – coupled with the voice of our clients – all work together to create optimal mobile health programs to solve real needs.

Our founder, Dr. Vishal Metha, a Chicago area orthopedic surgeon, researcher, and entrepreneur, believes that mobile technology is poised to play an integral role in healthcare.

Research illustrates that healthy behavior is encouraged and sustained when mobile platforms are used to connect with patients and consumers. A simple text message program can change behavior and foster compliance to post-procedural healthcare when it’s delivered by a trusted source.

In his own clinical practice, Dr Mehta’s patients and their “care circle” of family and friends enrolled in a Healthy-TXT™ educational program that walked them through the recovery process following ACL reconstruction surgery. The results: patient compliance and engagement increased, staff and physician phone calls decreased, and overall patient satisfaction was improved.

Health-TXT™ is the culmination of Dr. Mehta’s passion and vision: to improve healthcare communications by delivering the right messages at the right time points through mobile technology.

Dr. Vishal Mehta
co-founder, visionary, and chief medical advisor
Vishal M. Mehta, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine with an emphasis on arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder and knee, and cartilage transplantation and restoration. Learn more
Sharon Schreiber
co-founder and managing partner
Sharon Schreiber is a healthcare marketing and public relations strategist and branding expert with more than 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups, hospitals, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Learn more
Manish Mehta
co-founder and general counsel
Manish is an attorney and entrepreneur. He specializes in intellectual property rights, patient litigation and prosecution. Learn more
Saqib Akhter
co-founder and strategic advisor
Saqib is an experienced healthcare investment banker. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, negotiation, business development, strategy and positioning , finance, and operations. Learn more
Christopher Harr
chief technology officer
Christopher Harr is a talented computer science programmer whose work has spanned the web world gamut. From outside consulting work for Google Maps’ integration and graphic design, to building and programming MedWaitTime’s web site. Learn more

More information to come, please check back later.

More information to come, please check back later.