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Healthy-TXT™ Joins Insight Accelerator Labs

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IAL to Help Drive Strategy through Commercialization of New Patient Engagement Tool and Re-define Mobile Health

Insight Accelerator Labs has partnered with healthcare start-up Healthy-TXT™ to further develop and commercialize the company’s mobile health engagement platform that delivers real-time, targeted support to patients to reduce patient readmissions and improve health outcomes. As part of its new IAL member designation, Healthy-TXT™ will work in lockstep with Insight’s expert healthcare strategy and development consultancy teams to receive the guidance and support necessary to further define and refine its technology toward market expansion and commercialization.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with Healthy-TXT™ to fully realize their program’s potential,” says Steve McPhilliamy, Executive Director of Insight Accelerator Labs. “The platform holds great promise for applications beyond its current generation, and with focused development could re-define mobile health to serve acute and chronic disease management, post-operative care, and preventative health, ultimately bending the cost curve in healthcare.”

Healthy-TXT™ is a completely customizable platform that automates patient education through personalized, automated messages sent to users around medical events ranging from a new diagnosis to starting a new treatment regimen. With direct links to web pages, PDF or video files, robust multi-media programs can also be created with the system around virtually any health event to engage patients and increase efficiency while improving personalized care.

“Our decision to become a member of the Insight Accelerator Lab is driven by Insight’s universally known success in taking early pilot concepts from development through commercialization,” says Healthy-TXT™ co-founder, Vishal Mehta. “Insight’s depth of knowledge in the healthcare space and its connectedness to difficult-to-reach key industry players can open doors for us that wouldn’t be accessible to us at all otherwise.”

The Healthy-TXT™ platform is already fully HIPPA-compliant, has been tested in oncology and congestive heart failure pilot programs, as has been fully utilized for post-surgical patient education and pain management guidance, and focused awareness education on concussion symptoms for football players. Early studies have proven that the efficacy of this platform’s personal, targeted communication – combined with the low cost structure should allow for health care system, health departments, insurance carriers, employers, PBMs and other stake holders to promote healthy behavior and awareness – thereby improving health, reducing sick days, unnecessary doctor’s office and emergency room visits, and ultimately – cost burdens on the entire healthcare system. To learn more about the Healthy-TXT™ and this platform’s market opportunities, visit

About Insight Accelerator Labs
Insight Accelerator Lab (IAL) is the first medical device accelerator in the Midwestern United States. Founded in 2013 by design innovation consultancy Insight, the company partners with top healthcare entrepreneurs to develop innovative medical device technologies that will have a positive impact on people’s lives. IAL’s organizational mission is helping its member companies successfully overcome the hurdles inherent to the complex, long-cycle medical ecosystem that so commonly prevent life-improving innovation from making it to market. For up to 18 months, start-up medical device companies that participate in the program receive expert mentoring, product development services, grant and award application assistance and extensive infrastructure support from Insight’s development teams from product ideation toward the ultimate commercialization of their products. For more information, visit

Healthy-TXT™ Presents ‘Be Unstoppable! Play Safe. Stay Strong.’

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Healthy-TXT Co-founders Dr. Vishal Mehta & Sharon Schreiber Present ‘Be Unstoppable! Play Safe. Stay Strong.’ Case Study Results at PRSA Health Academy on May 2

The Healthy-TXT Presentation Reveals the Impact of a Concussion Awareness & Football Injury Prevention Text Message Campaign

On Thursday, May 2nd, Healthy-TXT co-founders – Dr. Vishal Mehta and Sharon Schreiber – will present the findings of their pilot project, Be Unstoppable: Concussion Awareness and Football Injury Prevention Text Message Campaign, at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Healthy Academy’s national conference in Indianapolis.

An innovative and engaging text messaging program for young athletes, coaches, and parents, the ‘Be Unstoppable! Play Safe. Stay Strong.’ mobile messaging campaign was designed to raise awareness about concussions and other football injuries. Chicago-area academic hospitals and private practice orthopedic groups, along with support from over one hundred orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, and neurosurgeons, were involved in the pilot campaign launched in Chicago in collaboration with the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine and their national STOP Sports Injuries Campaign.

Mehta’s and Schreiber’s presentation will present the results of this pilot program to PRSA attendees, which illuminate the vital role that patient care mobilized plays in healthcare today.

The PRSA Health Academy conference – Accelerate Your Success: Winning Strategies in Health Care PR – runs May 1st through 3rd. Designed by health care communicators for health care communicators, the conference’s goal is to inform attendees about the latest, most effective PR approaches, enlightening communicators as to how health organizations might leverage current policy changes, technology, and programs to maximize their return on investment.

Text Messaging In Health Care

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Improving Outcomes. Changing Behavior. Saving Money.

A Research Summary by Dr. Vishal Mehta

There is now convincing data that text messaging can influence health behavior and decisions.

Text (SMS) messaging has become a preferred mechanism of communication in modern society. It has continued to gain popularity over the course of the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, of the 4.1 billion cellular phone subscribers worldwide, an estimated 3.05 billion use text messaging. Text messaging is now the most used communication tool on the planet exceeding email and instant messaging. As of 2011, some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. The usage numbers in a younger segment of society are even more impressive. Fully 95% of 18-29 year olds use text messaging and these users send or receive an average of 87.7 text messages on a normal day.1

There is now convincing data that text messaging can influence health behavior and decisions. These facts, combined with the time saving potential for health care providers, make text messaging a promising new technology for the health care field that is likely to see increasing adoption in the coming years. The current use of text messaging within health care can be broken down into 5 segments: 1) appointment and medication reminders, 2) preventative health, 3) population awareness, 4) education around diseases, conditions and procedures, and 5) pain management. Click here to download our whitepaper on the clinical outcomes from text message programs.

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