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Christopher Harr is a talented computer science programmer whose work has spanned the web world gamut. From outside consulting work for Google Maps’ integration and graphic design, to building and programming MedWaitTime’s web site and designing an integrated iPhone app using xml api, Harr’s expertise has served as the technological right arm for a variety of organizations.

As a software architect, developer, and technology manager, Harr is literate in PHP, Javascript (jQuery), and MySQL, which he uses to build sites from the ground up. Harr has programmed and maintained web sites for several major companies; designed and maintained a web portal system for a Chicago university’s computer science alumni and maintained web and file transfer protocol services for its students; installed and maintained several security systems for an amusement and entertainment center; and worked as a master web designer for various organizations.

Today, as the chief technology officer for Healthy-TXT™, Harr is the man behind the curtain, the heart and soul of the technology Healthy-TXT™ offers its clients. He is responsible for all of Healthy-TXT™’s software architecture, development, and technology management.

Harr holds a masters degree in applied computer science (MACS) from Saint Xavier University, Chicago, Illinois.